Equipment and instruments are available to instruct students in the skills they will need in their chosen careers. Concorde students acquire knowledge and technical skills through demonstrations, actual operation of equipment, and the practice of techniques. Among the major items of equipment available to Concorde students are the following (by program):

Dental Assistant Program

This program offers fully equipped, fully functional dental operatories with dental x-ray units, panoramic x-ray, complete darkroom facilities, amalgamators and x-ray mannequins. In addition, it has a dental lab complete with lathe, model-trimmers, bench engine, vibrators, sterilization equipment, scutan (for fabrication of temporary crowns), visible curing illuminator light, and dental chairs. Computer systems and miscellaneous teaching aids are also available.

Dental Hygiene Program

Students enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program have access to a completely equipped and functioning dental clinic. Included in the clinical facility are four radiography units, a panoramic x-ray unit, and fully equipped operatories. Students learn various technical skills in the lab before treating a patient. Some special equipment included are lathes, model trimmers, intraoral cameras, both digital and traditional x-rays, autoclaves, and automatic processors. Mannequins are used for instrument skill and instruction. Personal computers with appropriate software are also used for the benefit of the student.

EKG Technician

Equipment includes electrocardiograph machines, exam tables, electrocardiograph electrodes and other EKG related supplies.

Medical Assistant Program

The equipment for this program includes stethoscopes, a glucometer, sphygmomanometers, examination and treatment tables, simulated examination rooms, autoclaves, an otoscope, an ophthalmoscope, electrocardiogram machines, microscopes, centrifuges, teaching mannequins, computer systems, and other miscellaneous teaching aids.

Medical Office Administration Program

Equipment for this program includes computer systems with Medical Manager® software and miscellaneous teaching aids.

Patient Care Assistant

Equipment includes, catheters, nasogastric tubes, needles, syringes, suction machine, a wheelchair, stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, an electronic thermometer, an ophthalmoscope, an otoscope, simulated patient units, hospital beds, teaching mannequins and models, drug cart, Hoyer lift, gurney, EKG machine, walkers, canes, glucometers, feeding pump, bedside commode, and other miscellaneous equipment.

Pharmacy Technician Program

The laboratory includes flow hoods and a gowning area where students may scrub and dress in appropriate attire. The retail laboratory is stocked with a supply of over-the-counter medications and computer software for dispensing medications. Students also have access to a computer laboratory where they learn pharmacy-specific computer skills.

Phlebotomy Technician

Equipment includes blood drawing chairs, microhematacrit machines, Centrifuge, Vacutainer Tubes, Needles and Holders, capillary tubes and other blood drawing supplies.

Surgical Technologist Program

A lab equipped with operating room tables, back table, mayo stands, prep table, simulated autoclave, overhead operating surgery lights, anesthesia machines, medical and surgical supply disposal, scrub sinks, IV stands, operating room stretcher, and basic surgical instruments.

Audiovisual Aids

Concorde’s programs are supported with reference books, charts, field trips, demonstrations, and other teaching aids. Speakers from business and industry are used when possible to supplement classroom instruction.